Backyard Gardening Workshop


March  11 & 25, 2017

Most Classes Only $5!



The time to get out in the garden is fast approaching. Join us as we celebrate this time of year with our popular Backyard Gardening Workshops. Most classes are only $5 (two hour classes are $15) and are taught by USU Master Gardeners.



Class Offerings

Gardening Track (Maple Room)

9 am: Garden To Table

10 am: Vertical Gardening

11 am: Spring Vegetables

12 noon: Designing a Pollinator Garden

1 pm: 365 Days of Color


Garden Management (Oak Room)

9 am: Soil Basics

10 am: Creating a Weedless Landscape

11 am: Dealing with Garden Pests

12 noon: Composting 101

1 pm: Organic Gardening

Waterwise gardening (Pine Room)

9 am: Succulent & Cactus Care

10 am: Creating Drought Tolerant Turf

11 am: Easy Parkstrip Plantings 

12 noon: Watersmart Landscape Design

1 pm: Native Plants

Trees & Shrubs (Trellis Cafe)

10 am: Selecting Trees & Shrubs

12 noon: Fruit Tree Care

Variety Classes (Greenhouse)

9 am: Seed Starting

11 am: Hobby Bee Keeping

12 noon: Coldframe Gardening

Track A (Maple Room)

9 am: Strawberries

10 am: Tasty Tomatoes

11 am: Irrigation 101

12 noon: Ornamental Grasses

1 pm: Selecting Perennials

Track B (Greenhouse)

9 am: Cuttings

12 noon: Raised Beds

1 pm: Rose Care

Track C (Oak Room)

9 am: Cottage Garden

10 am: Companion Planting

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