Butterfly Biosphere

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Butterfly Biosphere

in the Barbara Barrington Jones Family Foundation Building honoring the memory of Hilda Ruth Harrell



3003 N Thanksgiving Way

Lehi, UT 84043


Monday - Saturday

Time Slots: 10:00am - 7:00pm
Last admission: 7:30pm
Closing: 8:00pm

Early Closures:
July 4th at 6:00pm
July 9th at 6:00pm


Tickets available now!

The Butterfly Biosphere at Thanksgiving Point’s Water Tower Plaza is an experience unlike anything in the state of Utah! This 40,000 square foot venue is home to over a thousand butterflies from around the globe. In addition to dozens of species of butterflies, it also has 20 species of tarantulas, beetles as big as your fist, and many more creepy crawly friends.


The Butterfly Biosphere is part of the Thanksgiving Point membership plan. This means that members have unlimited access to this and the other four Thanksgiving Point venues all year long. To learn more about the benefits of Thanksgiving Point membership visit our Membership page.

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Butterfly Biosphere Features


The Conservatory is the heart of the Butterfly Biosphere! This nearly 10,000 square foot glasshouse features dozens of tropical and flowering plant species to keep over 1,000 butterflies happy. The Conservatory is a USDA containment facility, meaning that we are able to display incredible insects from all over the world, including famous species like the spectacular Blue Morpho.

Costa Rica Climber

The Costa Rica Climber is a 7,500 square foot nature-themed area dedicated to active play and exploration! Treehouses contain everything your kids will need to become scientists researching rainforest insects and habitats! With a separate play space for the littlest guests on the forest floor, there's something for everyone in the Costa Rica Climber.

Discovery Zone

The Discovery Zone is a world class insectarium where you'll discover all our other invertebrate friends! Guests will be shrunk down to bug-size to get a closer look at what it's like to be an insect, learn about metamorphosis, and see dozens of amazing spineless animals from around the world.


Yes! The Butterfly Biosphere has a limited capacity, so to ensure your entry, you'll want to reserve your tickets ahead of time. Don't worry, they're still free with your membership! (Don't forget your valid membership card too!)

Thanksgiving Point members can reserve 10 tickets online every two weeks - this includes adults, children (ages 3-12) and member guests. For additional ticket needs, please call 801.768.2300.

Yes! Thanksgiving Point Members can still buy Member Guest tickets for the Butterfly Biosphere for 50% off. You can buy these tickets online or in person, but Thanksgiving Point Members must still be present with guests.

Thanksgiving Point members can reserve 10 tickets online every two weeks - and remember this includes member guests. For additional ticket needs, please call 801.768.2300.

Butterfly activity peaks around mid-day and begins to wane in the later afternoon on most days when the butterflies roost for the night.

 Don't worry though! Evenings are the best times to photograph butterflies at rest and see the huge owl butterflies in flight. Plus, you’ll witness lots of other exciting creatures that are nocturnal - meaning they're most active at night – moving around and doing their thing! Likewise, the Costa Rica Climber and Discovery Zone are unaffected by time of day, so there's something you'll enjoy at the Butterfly Biosphere, regardless of time of day!

No food is allowed in the Butterfly Biosphere. Capped drinks and mugs from the Thanksgiving Point Tower Mug program are allowed. Pets are not allowed. 

All the living insects need to stay at the Butterfly Biosphere. The Conservatory is a USDA regulated containment facility where removal of butterflies is prohibited.  Federal law dictates a penalty of $25,000 or up to 9 years in prison for removing butterflies from the Conservatory.

Consider taking home a beautiful pinned insect from the gift shop instead!

Yes! Wheelchairs are $10 per rental, and strollers are $5 per rental. The Butterfly Biosphere is wheelchair accessible.

Yes! Birthday parties at the Butterfly Biosphere are now available. Check HERE for all the details!

Field trips will be available at the Butterfly Biosphere beginning Fall of 2019. Check the Field Trip page for the latest information.

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