Tulip Festival Vendor Applications

General Information

The 16th annual Thanksgiving Point Tulip Festival is scheduled for April 10 – May 2, 2020, at the Ashton Gardens in Lehi, Utah. The Tulip Festival is the largest display in the region featuring more than a quarter million blooms across our 55-acre estate gardens. This annual event draws more than 90,000 guests from all over the intermountain west who come to enjoy the tours, classes, performances, activities, scenery and more.


The Festival is open to food, retail, and informational vendors on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays (9am-8pm). While we do our best to limit the number of vendors in any one category, there may be overlaps in some items and exclusivity is not promised nor to be expected. We are committed to keeping the selection of vendors interesting and fresh and are always interested in new vendors. Participation in any previous event or festival at Thanksgiving Point does not guarantee acceptance. All vendors are subject to juror approval. Official acceptance status will be announced on March 4th, 2020 via email.


The Tulip Festival is an outdoor event. The Festival Market is placed at the Waterfall Amphitheater. With all the logistics of the event, vendors will be shuttled in/out daily to their spot. Weather can be unpredictable. Thanksgiving Point provides each vendor one 10’ x 10’ canopy with walls. Thanksgiving Point does not provide tables, chairs, or any other items to vendors. Weather can vary in extremes in our area and we often experience high winds, therefore vendors may not provide their own tent. We also have a limited available space for food trucks.


First and Last
Retail Exhibitors 10x10 space (tent included) - $75 per day. Food Exhibitors will be charged a $200 deposit coupled with an 80/20 split. Exhibitors will give Thanksgiving Point 20% of their overall sales at the end of each weekend throughout the duration of the Tulip Festival. The $200 deposit is not charged in addition to the 80/20 split, it is subtracted from the final total 20% given to Thanksgiving Point.

Generators are not allowed at this event. Power needs are a one time fee.

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